Your Inspectors

You‘re not just buying a home inspection – you’re buying years of experience.

Over the years USFin have assisted civilian clients, commercial clients and the Federal Government with Engineering Design and Environmental Consultation and Remediation Design. We have inspected hospital buildings, nuclear facilities, and homes.  We really have seen it all.

Grant Dick, Inspections Team

Licensed Home Inspector
Environmental Engineer
Asbestos Inspector
Asbestos Designer

Meet Grant C. Dick

I am a retired Air Force Officer and this work provides the me the same feeling of service before self.  I flew several different aircraft during my service and moved every few years. We called ourselves risk managers first. And I take that lesson with me to every home, office and industrial building we inspect or redesign.

I am in the unique position to advise families before they make one of the largest investments they will ever make buying a home or helping them fix the home they live in. Quality of life starts with quality of the building you live in and safety is my focus.

Christian Dick, Inspections Team

Licensed Home Inspector
Asbestos Inspector

Meet Christian Dick

I take great pride in serving my community. Having work experience in the Fire/EMS community and still active as a career Fireman, I intend on bringing the same professionalism and customer service with me to your home as well.

Needless to say, your family’s safety is our top level priority here at USFin. With my team of Inspectors and Engineers, and our unique backgrounds, we will ensure that the largest purchase of your life comes with the most reliable inspection of your future home.

Brady Helmkamp, Inspections team

Licensed Home Inspector

Meet Brady Helmkamp

I live my life to help others. I proudly served in the US Army and have acquired many useful skills that allow me to perform the best home inspection for you as possible. I enjoy being a home inspector because it allows me to help you navigate the uncertain waters of buying a home.

I remember the feeling of buying my first home just to find multiple large issues that were overlooked by the inspector. I want to save you from the same headache that I had to endure. My goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible with the condition of your property and to help you make a well informed decision.

Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI